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Dragon Mart Project in Cancun, Mexico 2014-2015

Dragon Mart Cancun is a commercial center where Mexicans and foreigners can display and sell their products directly to buyers who visit from all over the world, especially North, South and Central America. The Dragon Mart project in Cancun, Mexico was scheduled to open in late 2014, but because of development and environmental delays, it will open in 2015.

This new international business center project will facilitate direct contact between manufacturers and their international clients. The Dragon Mart in Cancun is not a place for manufacturing, but a place to establish business relations directly without intermediaries. (without middle men)

The new 2014-2015 Dragon Mart Cancun project will streamline the communication between businesses and consumers by having its new headquarters in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico where a Exhibition Center will help the sale of goods of various contents by housing the imported items to be shipped to various locations throughout the Americas. The Dragon Mart in Cancun evolves the concept of distribution with permanent exhibitors that have their "showrooms" close to consumers and with the new
Exhibition Center located in Cancun in 2015, this area of the world will be the center of America's largest global trade.

Trade liberalization presents new opportunities but also some challenges that include people being resistant to change and having the new outlook of creativity and the different way of doing business. Normal middle men (intermediaries) need to make profit so they mark up the price and pass it along to the end consumer like me and you, but the Dragon Mart project that will open in Cancun, Mexico in 2015 will eliminate this outdated system of trade and can bring high quality products to the marketplace at a discounted price and without the additional fees and costs normally associated with the delivery of goods.

This Cancun Dragon Mart business center will bring together multinational entrepreneurs from China, Mexico, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Korea and others and will be the source of high quality products in hundreds of categories at wholesale prices direct from China. Almost all Companies from all Countries will be open to participate in the importation of products and goods.
Many new housing projects are being built for the large influx of people moving to the area for jobs in 2014-2015. There will be 3,040 new office spaces available for sellers of products and each one will have 25 square meters each which is equal to 269 square feet to hold the imported and future exported wholesale distribution of goods. In addition, the Dragon Mart Cancun project will have two warehouses of 20,000 square meters each (215,278 square feet) to warehouse all the goods and services for their tenants.

Also many new affordable hotels and hotel resorts are being built in 2014-2015 near by to care for the expected rise in tourism to the area. Reservations and details for these new hotel projects will be available shortly on this website. Add this webpage to your favorites and checkback and we will provide cheap local hotel listings as well as current deals on inclusive resorts located close by.

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