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List of 10 Different Types of Products of Dragon Mart

The Dragon Mart in Cancun, Mexico will have many different products that they will focus on.

Here is a list of the Top 10 products that will be available:

1) Lighting
2) Electrical Components
3) Electronic Equipment
4) Auto Parts
5) Building Materials
6) Hardware
7) Medical Equipment
8) Furniture
9) Toys
10) Jewelry

How can you participate in Dragon Mart products in Cancun?

Are you a Manufacturer ?
Rent a office space and offer your products to over 1 million new shoppers ever year

Are you a Dealer ?
Come and buy products at wholesale prices without intermediaries and then offer then to your buyers

Want to be a Distributor ?
Come and visit more than 600 new foreign companies who need distributors

Want to Open your Own Business ?
If you are creative, you can imagine what you can do with over 100,000 new products to chose from and the ability to sell to 5,000 - 8,000 new visitors to Dragon Mart Cancun daily.

Are you a Real Estate Agent ?
Over 3,040 stores will be opened, 2 warehouses and 722 villas will be rented and hundreds of new houses will be sold for the new residents working here.
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