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Review of the Benefits of the Dragon Mart in Cancun

10 Benefits & Reviews of the Cancun Dragon Mart will include:

1) During the construction phase, it will create 1,600 new temporary jobs and will create of 8,000+ permanent jobs.

2) Diversification of economic activity and the generation of new business opportunities.

3) Cancun will position itself as a strategic trade link between in Latin America and Asia.

4) The promotion and exportation of Mexican products between Central and South America, China and the United States.

5) Dragon Mart will benefit and strengthen commercial and cultural relations between Mexico and the most dynamic economies in the world.

6) It will diversify tourism in Cancun the region of Mexico by attracting a million more different tourists from more affluent businesses.

7) The Cancun Dragon Mart will benefit small and medium-sized Mexican businesses by allowing access to high quality products at lower prices and also by developing business relationships with entrepreneurs from other countries.

8) The Dragon Mart will have world class infrastructure and located in Cancun which has over 100,000 hotel rooms and endless tourist attractions available.

9) Cancun is a city with a multicultural population and the English language is commonly used by a large number of its residents and visitors.

10) Incredible geographical location to reach all potential businesses worldwide for the North-South and East-West trade. Miami is only 1.5 hours away by air.

Review & Benefits of the Dragon Mart in Cancun, Quintana Roo

The Review of the 10 Benefits of the Dragon Mart in Cancun

1) The project will will require 100+ million US dollars for construction

2) More than 1,000 new companies will be established in Cancun, Quintana Roo, which will require all kinds of services such as real estate agents for the buying and rental of homes and apartments, buying cars, consumer goods, accounting and legal services, customs brokers, carriers, notaries, advertising and so much more.

3) It is estimated that in addition to spending on hotel + air, the increase in tourism will increase spending on an average of 30 million pesos a day in Cancun.

4) All local residents and people that live nearby can purchase products directly without intermediaries at a better price.

5) Over 1,000 new company managers & administrator jobs will be needed

6) 3,000 to 4,000 new sales people jobs will be needed

7) 200 new forklift operators and warehouse workers will be required

8) 1,500+ Accountants and Engineers will be needed

9) 1,000+ Computer, Technical and Logistics jobs will be filled

10) 1,000+ Maintenance, Cleaning, Gardening Jobs will be available
Other Reviews & Benefits of the Dragon Mart in Cancun

Benefits and Reviews of Tourism

Cancun will receive over 1 million additional tourists per year that have a much higher than average spending then the normal traveler. Hotel occupancy will increase by 10% everyday and throughout the year. Shops in the city will benefit from the increase of demand of souvenirs and tourist attractions such as theme parks, archaeological sites, diving, etc will certainly benefit as well.

Dragon Mart Cancun will hold a National and International Fair on Saturdays and Sundays that will generate more visitors to the destination. All cultural events will be free to all visitors. The Dragon Mart in Cancun will also have 2 recreational parks and free access to over 34 acres of green and wooded areas, walkways and playgrounds that will allow the family to enjoy their day.

Dragon Mart Cancun will be Responsible with the Environment

1) Development will not be municipalize and will not require municipal water, sewer and no street lighting. All power will be drawn from solar panels.

2) Supply of drinking water will be resourced through its own water well

3) Drainage and Treatment Plant will be developed for 100% of the water used - 100% of wastewater will be treated and used for irrigation of green areas.

4) Over 1,000 wells will allow reintegration absorption of rainwater.

5) An electrical substation will be constructed for alternative energy generation for all lighting and street lights.

6) The project will be sustained by the use of renewable energy from 167,000 square meters of solar panels.
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